The ALBERTO label has a long tradition. We have been specializing in pants tailoring since 1922. Ever since the early days, the company has been showing that it has what it takes to create high-quality modern fashion: the experience of several generations of perfect craftsmanship combined with technological innovation and an unerring instinct for trends. Carefully selected materials and meticulous attention to every detail.

For us, quality and design are deeply ingrained principles which we live up to every day! By quality, we understand not only the use of high-quality fabrics and yarns, outstanding craftsmanship and perfect fit. We also see quality as ensuring that our pants contain no harmful substances and that our production processes and manufacturing conditions are unobjectionable.

Save energy and washing detergent

We consciously place value on materials which are particularly easy to care for, so they can get perfectly clean, dry quickly and don‘t need ironing even at low temperatures. This makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption needed to clean our pants to a minimum: low washing temperatures are enough, and you don‘t you don‘t need a dryer or even an electrical iron.

Development & control

ALBERTO pants are developed with loving attention to detail at our company headquarters in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Here we have our own laboratory, where we test the physical and chemical properties of all our outer fabrics, certified in compliance with Oeko-Tex® standard 100 (certificate number: 15.0.68407-Rev1). The criteria are extremely strict, and only when all of them are met is an outer fabric included in the collection.


ALBERTO pants are manufactured solely by Tunisian, Romanian and Polish partner companies, all of which comply with employee protection laws and whose ongoing production processes are constantly monitored by our own technicians on site. Our German staff regularly visit and inspect all production sites to ensure that social standards are maintained at all levels.


The laundries in which our pants are given the unmistakable ALBERTO look are all certified in compliance with DIN ISO 9000 and Oeko-Tex®. It is years since we stopped sandblasting our pants to give them a special finish. Moreover, all laundries have clear, strict specifications to protect their workers, and compliance with these is also checked by our technicians on site.

Conservation of Resources

We also consider the responsible utilization of resources a key component of a high quality production process. This is why we have been obtaining our electrical power from Naturenergie AG in Baden-Württemberg, Germany for quite some time. As a result, we are able to ensure that the energy we consume is derived from water power at the rate of 100 percent. In 2014, for instance, we made groundbreaking decisions for additional savings potentials by investing into an intelligent, energy conserving lighting system for our warehouse. Our consistent waste prevention policy helps us maintain a small environmental footprint.